About Us


LAST GENERATOR is one of the Leading Manufacturing and Suppliers of Energy and Industrial Equipment such as Diesel and Portable Generators, Cogeneration Systems, and Transformers. We also provide After-Sales Services to our customers with our well experienced and skilled engineering team who take up installation and maintainance of supplied equipment. Our clients and customers include factories, Utility Providers, Private & Government Contractors, Construction Companies, Airports/Seaports, Goverment and Private Sectors etc.

LAST GENERATOR provides the necessary know-how to power all systems, studies and selects the required equipment and designs to required specifications.  LAST GENERATOR also has the capability to provide turnkey solutions and integration engineering (design, installation and commissioning) for emergency and continuous power supply.

Owing to close relationships with our customers, business partners and our expertise we, at LAST GENERATOR perform the whole scope of works for delivering turn-key guaranteed power systems in order to meet customer requirements. All our products are Internationally Certified with ISO and CE Certificates


We have reshaped our production and service capabilities that we laid the foundations 40 years ago under the name of LAST GENERATOR.

We work with proven engine and alternator manufacturers in the world and we supply all the products we use in production from strong brands in international standards. Our production technique is again in accordance with international standards. Due to the importance we attach to end-to-end customer satisfaction, we deliver it after passing serious tests and controls.


Last Generator has been manufactured in a factory which has a production area of ​​45.000 m2 and a production area of ​​20.000 square meters with European Standards.

1 kVA 16 kVA power center diesel and gasoline generator sales, 15 kVA – 3305 kVA power center industrial generator production and sales.

Perkins, Iveco, Ricardo, Xenic, Baudoin, Mitsubishi, MTU, VMAN, Volvo are the world’s leading engines.


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